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On these pages we present information to help you learn about important issues affecting every Ohioan's future prosperity. We want you to cast your vote at election time and become more involved in the election process. But we don't - and won't - tell you how to vote. That decision is up to you.

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America works better when Americans vote.

Employees Vote is an initiative to encourage more voter participation. The Prosperity Project supports this effort to help more workers have a voice in elections and in their government.   Our belief is that, when employees vote, the our state and our economy will benefit. Don't let someone make the decision for you. Get registered. Get out the vote.




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Visit www.employeevotes.org


Use our common hashtag, #employeesvote to add your voice to the conversation.


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  • Deficit Reduction
  • Economic Indicators
It's time to get serious about Federal Deficit Reduction.

Our national debt is approaching $15 trillion, and federal deficits are projected at or above $1 trillion each year for the foreseeable future. Despite the emerging consensus that America cannot sustain this path, policymakers are struggling to solve this critical problem.

View more info on this important topic and write your lawmakers to urge them to get our nation's finances in order!
Ohio unemployment rate remains at 7.2% despite drop in jobs

September 21, 2012 (Columbus Business News) - Ohio's jobs market stayed in neutral last month, making for consecutive months of no improvement after nearly a year of gains . Read more here.

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